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Develop an Accessibility Statement Course

Course Details

Cost: Free

Style: Self Directed – enroll and complete at your pace

Estimated Learner Effort: 90-120 mins

Target Audience: Anyone is welcome to enroll but this course has been crafted to support senior managers and senior technical staff in further and higher education

What’s in it for me?: All participants who complete this course get an AHEAD digital badge for completing. Please note this is one of 3 Digital Accessibility courses you can do for free with us.

Course Content: This 90-120 minute online course will impart information and skills about digital accessibility awareness around the following topics:

  • Creating a Digital Accessibility Statement and what this involves.
  • The purpose of such a statement.
  • Legal dimensions to EU Digital accessibility.
  • How Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, Robust (POUR) considerations inform Digital Accessibility.
  • Awareness about the extent of digital resources, tools and eco-systems in a Educational setting.
  • Awareness of The FACTS model for accessibility.

When you complete the self-paced course, you will receive a Digital Badge, that will be emailed to you automatically, that you can use as evidence of CPD and even add to your email footer.

Digital badge for making an accessibility statement

 How do I enroll into a Course?

Here are the steps involved to self enroll into the Accessibility courses:

  1. Go to the AHEAD Moodle Platform to begin the enrolment process.
  2. In this Moodle page you need to select 'Create a new account'.
  3. Follow the onscreen directions and create a username, password and add your email address,  first name and surname too.
  4. Select the 'Create my new account' button on the bottom of the page. A new page open with a button called 'Continue'.
  5. Instantly, you will receive  a mail with a weblink that must be selected to verify your new account. You need to verify in order to access the courses.
  6. A message will appear in Moodle saying thank you and 'Your Registration has been confirmed'. Now press the button called 'Continue'.
  7. You are almost there - In Moodle, along the navigation bar on the top, select 'Search Courses'.
  8. You will see all 3 Accessibility courses and our 'Accessibility Statement' for the 3 courses.
  9. Choose the course you wish to begin then select the button for that course 'Click to enter the Course'.
  10. Now select the button 'Enrol me' and the course opens. Select the button called 'Start Course' to begin.
  11. You will instantly receive a mail to verify that you have self enrolled into a specific course.
  • Note: You can exit the course any time and your position in the course progress is recorded so you can return to that point.
  • Tip: In Moodle, you can enter your account 'Profile' and there is information and a QR code about how you access the course on your Smartphone.
  • Getting your Badge: When you complete the course, you will automatically receive a mail with your digital badge from the 'Open Badge Factory', this may go to your junk mail. Follow the instructions in the mail to claim your digital badge. You will need to create an open badge factory account, using the same email that was used for the AHEAD Moodle platform. You need to go into the Open Badge Factory account you make and then accept the badge. Once accepted, you can add this badge to your profile and download the badge image. Tweet the image @AHEADireland using #AHEADark
  • Choose another course: Now you can start another AHEAD accessibility course and enol in it to get another badge.

Complete all 3 courses: If you choose to complete all 3 digital courses then you will receive our Digital Accessibility Master Badge.

collect all 3 accessibility badges to receive the master accessibility badge.

Are you looking at ways to embed accessibility in your institution? Check out our page on embedding these courses in your staff CPD. (link to compliance page)

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