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AHEAD: Association for Higher Education Access & Disability
AHEAD: Association for Higher Education Access & Disability

Digital Badge in UDL - Workshop Oct 10th!

AHEAD and UCD Access & Lifelong Learning are delighted to announce the release of the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning's open access digital badge initiative, and in particular our own contribution - the digital badge for Universal Design in Teaching & Learning.

In short, we've designed instructions and learning materials for a short introductory professional development course on universal design for learning and in partnership with the Forum, we are making these materials freely available to institutions interested in rolling it out locally. The course takes a blended approach and requires about 25 hours of learner effort in total. Every participant who completes the course will receive the Forum's digital badge for Universal Design in Teaching & Learning.

What is a Digital Badge?

Any organisation can issue digital badges as a recognition for work achieved or skills acquired – think of them as the certificate of the future. Unlike ordinary certificates however, digital badges come with a weight of other useful information such as a descriptor of the badge, a set of criteria met in order to receive the badge and in some cases, links to evidence of how the criteria has been met (e.g. an actual course assignment). Digital badges are collected by individuals in a personal digital backpack, which acts as a visual record of the person’s learning journey. Watch the video below for more detailed info!

How is the Course Structured?

For the digital badge for Universal Design in Teaching & Learning course, we've taken a blended approach. The course has three key elements:

  1. Online module introducing the concept of Universal Design for Learning
  2. Group workshop examining current barriers for students and how UDL principles can address them
  3. Assignment: Evaluation and redesign of current practice and reporting on their redesign experiences in a case study format

How Can I Deliver It in My Institution?

As a course facilitator, your job would be to administer and deliver the course based on the instructions and learning materials we have created. These materials will be made available shortly through the Forum's Professional Development Portal. We will be running some facilitator's workshops for those interested in rolling it out locally to explain the process in more detail and run through the materials step by step.  Details of the 1st of these workshops are as follows:

When: 12:00-13:30, Oct 10th

Where: Room 1:03, Trinity College Dublin Innovation Academy, 3-4 Foster Place, Dublin 2 (beside wax Museum)

Register: free of charge by emailing admin@teachingandlearning.ie

For details of the other digital badges available through the Open Access initiative and associated facilitator's workshops, please see the Forum's website.

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