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Who owns the power- the man or the suit?

Iron Man- Artificial Intelligence or Assistive Technology?

Following the snow which caused us to postpone the debate, we are delighted to announce the rescheduled event will take place on April 13th.

The GetAHEAD Programme at AHEAD are running a free training event hosted by Dell EMC Ireland in conjunction with ESB and is taking place as part of Engineers Week 2018.

After last year’s very successful debate on was Darth Vader a good engineer, we present to you this year’s debate - ‘Iron Man – Artificial Intelligence or Assistive Technology?’ 

Tony Stark, after suffering a severe chest injury which led to his disability, creates a powered suit of armour capable of amazing and powerful things and named himself Iron Man. But who does the power lie with, Stark or the suit? Can we call Iron Man’s impressive shell Assistive Technology or Artificial Intelligence?

In this debate, we want to know;

  • what makes one thing AT and the next AI?
  • where is the line between the two in technologies at use today and;
  • where Iron Man fits into the mix

Debating teams will consist of members from Dell, ESB, IT Blanchardstown, Dublin City University and Dublin Institute of Technology.

The target audience for this event is higher education staff who have an interest in assistive technology, employers and students and graduates with disabilities.

Registration is ESSENTIAL and will close at 12:00 noon on Friday 6th of April. 

Click here to register

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