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AHEAD: Association for Higher Education Access & Disability
AHEAD: Association for Higher Education Access & Disability


Mental Health on the Move - From college to work - "Staying AHEAD of the Stress"

Date: 7th December
Time:  10am to 1 pm
Location: The Aviva Stadium Dublin

This is a day to reflect and listen to experts on the topic- a fireside chat.

AHEAD have noted an increasing number of students on campus with Mental Health Difficulties seeking assistance (AHEAD 2017).  Census 2016 reported an increase in the last five years of 28.7%. While there are a number of very innovative initiatives such as Student Central in Maynooth University to work with students and faculty and the ESB Health and Wellness Program – an uncertainty about supporting students or employees with Mental Health prevails.  If our students are to realise their potential on graduation, with the necessary resilience for a new and demanding world, we need to take stock. 

The world of work and the world of learning is changing beyond belief.  Going to college and graduating into a job or career for the rest of your life is not where it is at anymore.  Students are facing uncertainty in a way they never have and the changes will continue apace. As a system we have to adopt a culture of openness and positivity and it is time to hear from some of the experts what we might need to consider.

This seminar will seek to start the conversations. It is an opportunity to listen to some of the expertise developing that might in turn shape how we work and engage with students, colleagues and employees now and in the future.  It will cover what we mean by mental health and mental wellness, best practices in work and on campus,  when caring can become bullying, the legal implications including disclosure and finally an idea of a vision for the future.

Topics will include:

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing- whether on campus or in work
  • Support Students in Maynooth University- Student Central
  • Wellness at work- ESB Employees Assistance Program
  • When you doubt or care to much
  • Disclosing and Accommodating- understanding the legalities
  • How to be more certain when dealing with uncertainty-looking after our people

This event is organised with the kind support of ESB.

If you are interested in attending please email wam@ahead.ie as there are limited places available.


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