In-Person CV Clinics

What is the CV clinic?

Employers have volunteered their time to review your CV, give you feedback on the layout, the formatting, whether you can structure your CV better to make it more attractive. They will also give you honest and relevant feedback on the content of your CV and will be able to offer you advice as to how to word the content better.

Our walk-in CV Clinic is an opportunity to get advice from industry on your CV. You will have the chance to talk to a HR volunteer for 15 minutes about how to polish your CV and make it as relevant, clear and attractive as possible for employers. 

How will the CV Clinic Work? 

  • You do not have to pre-book your slot for the CV Clinic. Instead, you can make an appointment on the CV Clinic registration desk from 10.30am. Appointments are first-come, first served. 
  • Bring a copy of your CV as there are no printing facilities available at the event. 
  • Arrive to your appointment 5 minutes prior and alert the volunteers you are there. 
  • You will then be brought into the waiting area for your CV review. 
  • Each review will be 15 minutes in duration.  

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A room with various tables numbered and employers giving advice to graduates on their CVImage of an employer giving advice to a graduate on their CV

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