The Quiet Room

A Space to Relax, Decompress and Recharge

We understand that for many attendees this might be the first large professional event they have attended in-person post lockdown. For some people, the exhibition space and different activities might be overwhelming, and some would benefit from a quiet space to debrief.

We are delighted to be able to offer The Quiet Room as a space to gather your thoughts and revive your energy away from the crowds and business.  The room will be equipped with stim toys, earplugs, and a variety of comfortable seating options. 

There is no need to register in advance for this space, it is open to all who need it. Just ask a volunteer or a staff member where the Quiet Room is located. 

This sensory respite is an important provision for attendees, with sensory processing disorders, anxiety or who are autistic - we will provide guidelines on the door to the room on how to use this space to its best effect - we appreciate your cooperation in ensuring this space is kept as a quiet, calming area for those who may need it. 

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See the source imageGetAHEAD would like to thank AsIAm for their guidance in ensuring our Quiet Room is as effective as possible. 

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