Introduction to USI/AHEAD Student Advisory Group (11.30am-12.00pm)

Last year, AHEAD and USI formed a co-chaired student advisory group to help ensure the student voice was at the core of what we do. We are delighted now be introducing our second cohort of the Student  Advisory Group. The group made up of students from both undergraduate and postgraduate courses from across the country meet with members of the USI and AHEAD teams to discuss issues facing them.  At this session, you'll hear about their work and plans for the rest of the year. 

Recording of USI and AHEAD Students with Disabilities Advisory Group Intro

Your Voice: Attendee Feedback Session (12pm-1pm)

AHEAD and USI are eager to hear your thoughts, and gather your perspective of all things accessibility in college. During this session you will be broken into break out rooms where a member of the AHEAD/USI Students with Disabilities advisory group will facilitate a discussion about your thoughts on our work, issues on the ground with accessibility you'd like us to work on and generally your experience in college as a student with a disability. This feedback session will develop how USI and AHEAD support and represent students with disabilities nationally. 

Recording of Your Voice: Attendee Feedback Session

Break (1pm-1.20pm)

Breakout Sessions: Chose Your Slot (1.20pm-2.00pm)

To finish off our conference, you will choose which breakout session you would like to attend.

Setting Up a Disability Related Society

Are you eager to increase disability visibility on your campus? Creating or running a disability society in your college is hugely beneficial to you, your college community and wider society. Join this session for insights into how the first Neurodivergent Society in Europe was formed, along with advice on how to foster your own disability community in your college through setting up and running your own disability society.

Recording of Founding a Disability-Related Society

Constructive Self Advocacy

In this presentation, we Will explore what advocacy is and how to advocate for yourself.. We will look at this through the lens of educational environments but can be used elsewhere. The session will include practical tips on asking for supports and self-advocating. At the end of this workshop, you will feel more confident in your ability to self-advocate.

Recording of Constructive Self-Advocacy

Get Involved in your SU

In this session, attendees will hear what it's like to get involved in student politics, and clubs and societies. It will show you what you can gain from getting involved and an idea of how the process works when running for Student Union Elections. You should leave this session with more of an understanding of how student unions work. 

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