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AHEAD: Association for Higher Education Access & Disability
AHEAD: Association for Higher Education Access & Disability

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New: WAM Mentoring Online Course

If you know how WAM works with employers, you'll know that each WAM candidate placed with employers is assigned a mentor in the workplace. With WAM's commitment to 'walk the line' with employers right through the process, we want to ensure that these mentors are fully trained to allow them to give appropriate levels of support to the placed candidates.

With that in mind, we are delighted to bring our WAM employers our new blended e-learning course focusing on the Mentoring process. 

Participating employers and their staff can access the course from anywhere, delve into a wealth of resources, learn from practical examples, get the chance to have private calls with a member of the WAM team at any time and avail of opportunities to meet other mentors, managers and mentees. Five short modules bring staff through everything they need to know to enable them to successfully mentor a WAM candidate. 

 Modules Covered


Welcome to our Mentoring Ecourse! In this section, we introduce participants to AHEAD and the WAM programme. There is also information on how to get started and how to navigate this course.

Section 1 – Mentoring: What is it all about?

In this section, we introduce participants to the concept of mentoring, its history and its prevalence today. We also give some background to the development of the WAM Model of Mentoring.

Section 2 – WAM Model of Mentoring

In this section, participants will understand what it is to be a WAM Mentor. They will also understand the role and responsibilities of a WAM Mentor and be able to identify their own learning style.

Section 3 – WAM Mentoring Process

This section will give participants an understanding of the WAM Mentoring Process and of the blocks underpinning the WAM Mentoring sessions. Participants will also examine the benefits to all parties involved in the mentoring relationship.

Section 4 – Disclosure & Disability

In this section, participants will gain an understanding of the importance of disclosing a disability and the confidentiality in the mentoring relationship. They will also learn about boundary management around the relationship and how to mind themselves through the process.

Section 5 – Closure & Moving On

In this section, participants prepare to bring the mentoring relationship to a close. They will also get tips on how to share the learning from the WAM process and how to build on their mentoring experience.

If you want to find out more about this e-course or the WAM program, please contact the WAM team.

View Screenshots from the Mentoring e-course:

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