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AHEAD: Association for Higher Education Access & Disability

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UDLL Student Focus Group Application

What is UDLL?

UDLL (Universal Design for Learning – License to Learn) is the name of a European project financed by Erasmus+. Project partners are NTNU - Universell from Norway, Howest - SIHO from Belgium and AHEAD from Ireland, and Universell is the formal coordinator of the project. The project theme is Universal Design for Learning.

What is Universal Design for Learning?

UDL is a set of principles for curriculum development that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn, including Students with Disabilities. This growing movement aims to improve the educational experience of all students by introducing more flexible methods of teaching, assessment and service provision to cater for different styles of learners. It also includes new digital learning – technology that differs from traditional teaching, where it is relevant to see how principles for universal design can contribute to increased accessibility for students with disabilities in higher education.

What are the outputs of the UDLL Project?

  1. Best Practice Guidelines
    The guidelines will be about universal design and universal design for learning from four different perspectives; the student/learner, academic staff, management and leadership and student support services
  2. Self-Assessment Toolkit for Students
    Students will be able to self-assess themselves online and at the end of the assessment, will receive a short written reports with tips and advice in what works best for them in universal design.
  3. Dissemination Conference
    This will take place in Belgium in Spring 2016.

Why do we want you, the student, to input?

To develop the Best Practice Guidelines, we are running a series of workshops with each of the groups. The first workshop will be with a small group of students with disabilities currently in higher education in each of the partner countries, Norway, Ireland and Belgium.

We want to gain insight and understanding of the student experience of the higher education system in each country with the students sharing their experience of learning and what has and would work best for them.

The UDLL Student Focus Group will take place in Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland from the 18th March – 20th March 2015 which will coincide with AHEAD’s Annual Conference. Accommodation and travel costs will be arranged and covered by the project and meals will be provided from Wednesday 18th March to 20th March

How to Apply?

We are inviting applications from students with disabilities currently in higher education from Norway, Ireland and Belgium. Please note that your application must be in English and the Student Focus Group will also take place in English. 

You must submit an application form along with your motivational statement as to why you would like to participate in the Student Focus Group. The motivational statement will be the answer to the question; “If you could advise your younger self when you were considering university, what advice would you now give?”

You can submit your answer to this question in text text format (maximum of 300 words) or submit a selfie video (maximum of 3 minutes) which can contain pictures, texts, voices etc...

We encourage online applications where possible by clicking on the link below;

Apply Online

If you are having difficulty  completing the application form online, you can download a Word document and return it to getahead@ahead.ie. 

The closing date for submissions is 8th February 2015. 

Notifications regarding the status of your application will be sent the week beginning 9th February 2015.

Follow UDLL in progress

Web: www.udll.eu (soon to be published)
Hashtag - #UDLL


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