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The WAMWorks database is for students and graduates with disabilities who are interested in being notified of GetAHEAD workshops and applying for placements on The WAM Programme. Please ensure that you read all of the information below before you create an account.

Why should I register on the database?

  • Apply for a WAM placement opportunity.

  • Receive email notifications from the WAM Programme of new placement opportunities.
  • Receive information from GetAHEAD about events and workshops that are aimed at getting you ready for work such as interview preparation, CV skills etc…
  • Be contacted about participating in surveys and evaluations.

What are the minimum requirements to register on the database?

  • Have a disability, specific learning difficulty or mental health difficulty;
  • Be a current student or graduate;
  • When applying for a WAM placement you must be available and ready to undertake a full time, graduate level work placement in the workplace;
  • Have a minimum Level 6 qualification according to the NFQ. However for some WAM placement opportunities employers may specify higher qualification level requirements.

How do I register on the database?

  • Click on the "Create A New Account" button below to start the registration process.
  • You will be asked some basic contact and personal information.
  • Your email that you have used to register will be your username that you will use to login. It is best to use a personal email address rather than a college email address.
  • You will also need to input your educational details and complete the skills section however you can edit and update this after you create a new account.

Try to fill in all questions accurately and as best as you can.

If you do not register, you will not receive updates from the WAM Programme or GetAHEAD and you will not be able to apply for a WAM placement.

Important things to remember!

Registering on our database does not mean that you have applied for a specific placement or that you are guaranteed a placement. You must apply for all placements using the online facility in the database after logging in.

By registering on our database, The WAM Programme will also screen through our database when a new placement opportunity arises, selecting graduates who meet the requirements of a current opportunity in accordance with the job description and will then forward on the details that you have provided to the employer

If WAM has sent your details to an employer, you will be notified by email and you may be asked for the most up to date CV.

Please read the WAM FAQs before you register.


New Account Registration

Fields denoted with an asterisk (*) are required.

In order to register on the database and to apply for WAM placements, you must have a disability, specific learning difficulty or a mental health difficulty.

As you do not have a disability, you cannot register on the database or apply for WAM placements.

Type(s) of disability (tick all that apply)*
This information is for AHEAD's statistical purposes only.

Are you currently in receipt of an illness or disability payment?*

This information is confidential and is for AHEAD's statistical purposes only. When you are applying for a WAM placement, we strongly advise having read this important information regarding the impact of taking up a WAM placement on illness/disability related benefits.

If you require accommodations (e.g. ISL Interpreter, wheelchair accessible etc…) to undertake your interview, please specify what you need here. Please note that this information will be passed onto the employer in order to facilitate your interview requirements to ensure a safe and inclusive involvement in the WAM Placement Programme.

How did you hear about this database?*

Education & Qualifications

Please provide details of any and all qualifications that you feel may be relevent or wish to let us know about. To add a new item click either of the "Add Another Course" links below.

Education / Qualification Info Remove this Item

Below are a list of skills which employers are often looking for, please tick as many skills that are applicable to you and whether you have a little knowledge or a lot of knowledge of that skill. If you wish, you can write up to 50 words of your experience in each skill. You can also complete or edit this at any time after registration.

Skill No A Little A Lot Evidence
Computer Languages
Customer Service Experience
Financial/Tax Qualifications
Sales Experience

Choose the area(s) of work that you are interested in

Where would you be willing to work?

By completing this registration form, you give consent to WAM to forward on your details to employers with the exception of your disability and social welfare information. You may alter or update any of the information provided through your control panel after registration is complete. CVs and application documents may be uploaded after registration on a per-application basis.

You shall receive emails updates about the following

  • WAM work placements that are currently being advertised
  • GetAHEAD skills seminars such as interview preparation, CV writing etc
  • GetAHEAD blog posts
  • Your participation in surveys and evaluations from time to time
  • Any other relevant information relating to job seeking

Registering your details with us does not mean that you have applied for a specific placement or that you are guaranteed a placement.

You can suspend or delete your account, and all accompanying data/details, at any time.


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Please note: logging in from an unsecured, public network is not advisable.

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