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AHEAD: Association for Higher Education Access & Disability
AHEAD: Association for Higher Education Access & Disability

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Who Manages the Network?

The network is co-ordinated by the Association for Higher Education Access and Disability (AHEAD) and is currently managed by a small number of contracted partner organisations from around Europe, all of which share the objective of promoting full access to and participation in further and higher education for students with disabilities.

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SIHO logoBelgium - SIHO - www.siho.be

SIHO says,

"All smaller countries within a bigger Europe can unite over a subject that matters in higher education. It's good to feel recognition over shared issues and at the same time get inspired by each others work and the exchange of new ideas".

AHEAD logoIreland - AHEAD -www.ahead.ie

AHEAD says,

"We are learning from our partner's expertise and they are learning from ours, meaning together, we are taking the most effective practices from each partner country and promoting them in our own territories. This is resulting in the promotion of a more uniform and higher standard of service provision"

ECIO LogoThe Netherlands - ECIO - https://www.ecio.nl/

ECIO says,

"Being a member of LINK creates the opportunity to reflect on the situation in our own country. It gives us a much clearer insight into the strong and weak points of our system and how we can improve it"

Slovenia DSIS LogoSlovenia - DSIS - www.dsis-drustvo.si

DSIS says,

"Seeing how different students, experts, organisations or countries approach different issues is an inspiration. Being able to see things from another perspective is a true driving force for development";

National Association of Disability PractitionersUnited Kingdom - National Association of Disability Practitioners (NADP) - https://nadp-uk.org/


Stockholm University LogoSweden - Stockholm Universitywww.su.se/english/ps

Stockholm University says,

"We hope that the collective understanding of each country's unique conditions will enhance mobility for students with disabilities across Europe";

Universell Norway LogoNorway - Universell - http://www.universell.no/

 Universell says,

“We believe that together with our LINK partners we will be able to increase the understanding of the demand for equal opportunities in higher education. By working together across Europe we learn from each other and are able to share ideas and best practices and promote them in our respective countries.”

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